Commit to us and our ambition

At Vartion, what makes us tick is ambition. Our ambition to combine science, IT expertise and fascination for artificial intelligence to help users gain new insights from available data – faster and more efficiently than ever. But behind that lies an even greater ambition: complementing human intelligence through AI and giving that excellent capacity back to society.

Do you have ambition? Do you have the talent and the skills we’re looking for? No matter what your background is, you are invited to join us and be a part of our dynamic and disruptive environment, where innovation and ambition thrive. Check out our Open Positions for regular team members or interns and apply if you want a chance to make a meaningful impact.

This is who we are

Vartion is a young and exciting company in the field of data analytics. It was founded in 2015 by two bioinformatics students who started out using artificial intelligence technology to develop a search and analysis engine for their own field, life sciences.

This powerful Vartion engine, we soon realised, had enormous potential. It can just as easily be used to analyse, connect and give meaning to data from other industries. In 2018, a team of seasoned entrepreneurs saw Vartion’s game-changing potential and stepped in to ensure our sustainable growth.

Today, we deliver novel insights in unstructured data to clients in both life sciences and finance. Using our unique tools powered by artificial intelligence, we scientifically analyse data and transform it into valuable information. We call this Applied Data Intelligence.

As we continue to develop our search engine, we’re also developing as a company. We’re always looking for highly skilled talent from various disciplines. For motivated people who want to be a part of our dynamic and disruptive environment, where innovation and ambition thrive. Delivering excellent support, managing our infrastructure or driving our research and development – we may have the perfect job for you. A job that will give you the chance to work with our large and intelligent platform, using truly state-of-the-art technologies. A job that, as our solutions evolve further, gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

What we're working on

Pascal: AI powered risk-based KYC & AML 

Pascal is Vartion’s unique compliance decision support platform, developed for clients in the financial industry. Using our powerful Vartion engine and artificial intelligence techniques, Pascal is designed to analyse unstructured, unbiased news data, corporate registers and other company data, as well as a range of sanction and PEP (Politically Exposed Person) lists. To risk and compliance professionals it is an indispensable tool to remain compliant with constantly changing laws and regulations.

Harvey: AI powered intelligence for life sciences

Harvey is Vartion’s AI-accelerated research platform that helps life science researchers and medical specialists to discover, interpret and communicate valuable patterns in biological data. It combines the recovery of data from public scientific resources with instant interpretation. Using Harvey, researchers need no more than a few seconds to retrieve answers from available biological data instead of hours or even days. As such, Harvey not only provides new insights, it also creates room for further and more in-depth research and innovation to build a better tomorrow.

Team spirit

We’re a close team, and at the same time dynamic thanks to the presence of many interns who regularly come to build their skills as they strengthen us. We’re incredibly focused when we work, but we laugh a lot, too. We don’t have large egos, and we judge each other on our merits.

Networking and marketing are areas where we still have a learning curve to climb. What characterises us all is our highly analytical mindset. We’re knowledge-oriented, driven by the search for new insights and new solutions. Discoverers, researchers, scientists, puzzlers and builders; associative, curious, smart and a little introverted.

Other people would call us “nerds”. We proudly carry that title.

Our learning environment

The speed of developments in our field is breathtaking. It’s vital for us and for our team to keep learning and developing, too. Our organisation is geared to support this. On location we have a variety of workspaces, so team members can either work alone with maximum focus or brainstorm in groups. We’re all professionals, so we value independence and give each team member the responsibility that suits the job. However, we’re also very much team players. We endorse peer-to-peer learning and encourage working in multidisciplinary teams. After all, it’s together that we make innovation happen.


Though in recent years a lot has changed, and we and Vartion have developed enormously , we think that we’ve only just begun to discover the full potential of our company and the field we work in. To remain on the cutting edge, we welcome students from IT-related disciplines with fresh ideas and drive, who would like to grow their own expertise and contribute to our company’s success as interns.

We’re convinced that people bring out the best in themselves when they’re able to work on a project that has their full focus and commitment. The right person on the right project. So we encourage interns to proactively think about the kind of project they would like to do. Wherever their interests lie, together we can always come up with a project proposal.

Perks and Benefits

In addition to exciting work in an energetic vibe, we also offer great perks and benefits:

Competitive salary: Be rewarded for your work with excellent growth potential.

Personal office setup: Get a laptop or workstation plus additional budget to set up your own office.

Growth fund: We support personal growth with courses, conferences and role development.

Networking: International network of innovative and talented partners.

Team incentive activities: We enjoy activities like scuba diving, a night at the movies and fantastic dinners.

Flexible hours: Choose the working hours that work for you.

Vartion’s corporate & social responsibility 

We believe in the power of AI and are committed to maximising AI’s positive contribution to society. One of the areas where AI can make a significant impact is healthcare, the discipline where Vartion’s origins lie. That’s why we decided to offer our partners in the academic world free access to our Harvey application.